Volume 3/study 3


TEXT:   PSALM 128: 1 – 6  


God is the founder of family and has drawn out practicable tips to that ensure family peace. This peace can be observed in the early days of the first family in Eden before the advent of the intruder (Gen. 1: 27; 2: 25). The tips could be coined from the six-lettered word FAMILY.

  • ‘F’ for Faith in and Fear of God. Faith is the only avenue to please God (Heb 11: 6), which made Adam to say concerning Eve; “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh”. Again the fear of God is to shun evil ( 8: 13).
  • ‘A’ for Altar, which is a provision for family fellowship with God as of the days Adam when God would come to have fellowship with them in the cool of the day (Gen 3: 8)
  • ‘M’ for Mutual understanding which fosters the family unity, not finding faults. Adam and Eve were both naked and yet they were not ashamed of each other (Gen 2: 25)
  • ‘I’ for Integrity, which brings family integration and trust. The Bible says that the two of them became one (Gen 2: 24).
  • ‘L’ for Love. This is divine nature of God which flows naturally without fear in a family that possesses the fear of God (I John 4: 7, 8 and 18).
  • ‘Y’ for Yielding to one another. This means giving due respect to everyone’s right in the family ( 5: 21; 6: 1 – 4)

The above tips are summary of what is required in the family in order to ensure peace in the home.