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TEXT: ISAIAH 58: 11.


The key factor for determining who is a child of God is the leading of the Spirit of God (Rom 8: 14). The Bible says those who are “led,” not dragged, forced, imposed upon or imputed to. Paul’s comments supplement what Jesus says in John 16: 13, as some of the verbs in this sentence demonstrate that free moral agency on our part is still involved. “Guide,” “speak,” and “tell” show that God has chosen to persuade rather than force us. In addition, they give the distinct impression that the followers and hearers will need to do something on their own (Isa 30: 20 – 21).


The leading of the Holy Spirit is usually by persuasion (study Isa 55:3). We will have to make choices, pay attention to what is said or written, and set our wills and follow through on our choices in order to accompany and learn from the Guide. Without these, we will not produce the desired fruit.

A teacher cannot impose knowledge, understanding, and wisdom upon a student. The student must cooperate in the process. Without this, little or no fruit is produced. The Bible shows the Spirit of God as influencing, suggesting, and, if we choose to permit it, dominating—perhaps even controlling—our lives. This is good because God is good, and if we will yield, the fruit of His Spirit will be produced in our lives (Col. 1: 10).

Are we aware that a divine influence is drawing us away from the corrupting passions and vanities of this world? Are we conscious of a desire to yield to that influence and be conducted along the path of holiness and life? Do we resist, or do we follow cheerfully and energetically, mortifying pride, subduing passion, destroying lust, stifling talebearing, humbling ambition, and annihilating the love of the wealth and fashions of this world? (Read James 4: 4 – 6; I John 2: 15 – 16; I Peter 2: 11)

God will not lead us astray (Psalm 143: 10). Our real love, joy, and peace consist only in yielding ourselves entirely to Him and being willing to be guided and influenced by His unseen hand. To be led by the Spirit is to choose voluntarily and consciously to submit to the Word of God (Psalm 119: 30; Rom 8: 1 – 6).

Question: What is the prime fruit of the leading of the Holy Spirit? Phil 4: 9