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BIBLE STUDY OUTLINE 22nd February, 2017

BIBLE STUDY OUTLINE YEAR OF HIGHER GROUND   STUDY 10: GRACE FOR OVERCOMING TEMPTATIONS (II) TEXT:  I CORINTHIANS 10: 6 – 14 INTRODUCTION Referring to where we stopped in the last study, it is very clear that the grace of God is sufficient for us to overcome in every temptation. This means one can only […]

JESUS IS LIGHT MINISTRIES (LIGHT CHAPEL  BIBLE STUDY OUTLINE (4/01/2017) STUDY 01: BREAKING UP THE FALLOW GROUND. TEXT: HOSEA 10: 12 Introduction Farming, being the first occupation revealed in the Bible, has been used in a large extent for useful illustration in biblical teaching both in the Old and New Testaments. The Bible reference in […]


YEAR OF UNLIMITED GREATNESS   STUDY 14: THE CHURCH AND THE WORLD (II) TEXT: MATTHEW 5: 13 – 16.  Introduction If we must perform our functions well as Christians in the society, we need to stand separate as peculiar people. This does not mean that we should not reach out to the people. But we […]


JESUS IS LIGHT MINISTRIES (LIGHT CHAPEL, WORLDWIDE) YEAR OF UNLIMITED GREATNESS STUDY 13: THE CHURCH AND THE WORLD (I) TEXT: MATTHEW 5: 13 – 16. Introduction Although the church is not expected to participate in or give support to worldly practices, however it is highly essential that the church should be in the world and […]


STUDY 12: GODLY PARENTING TEXT: GENESIS 18: 18 – 19; PROVERBS 4: 1 – 4 Introduction If as parents we represent God, it becomes our obligation to live lives worthy of honour to Him. Ultimately, the responsibility for keeping the fifth commandment (in Ex 20: 12) falls on the child. However, by carrying out their […]


 YEAR OF UNLIMITED GREATNESS  STUDY 11: GOD’S CONCEPT OF FAMILY STRUCTURE TEXT: COLOSSIANS 3: 18 – 24 Introduction Men have abdicated their God-ordained leadership roles, producing chaos and confusion in the wake of this abandonment. The family structure, with assigned orders of responsibility (not orders of importance implying superiority or inferiority), is paramount to God’s […]


 STUDY 10: PEACEMAKING IN THE FAMILY TEXT: I PETER 3: 1 – 11; JAMES 3: 16 – 18 Introduction As Christians, we are called to live peaceably with all men (Heb. 12: 14; Rom 12: 18) and this essentially begins at home. Conflict in Family Relationship PROV. 17: 14; 15:1; When it comes to conflict […]


STUDY 9: A HOUSE DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF TEXT: MARK 3: 25 Introduction The home, as ordained by God, serves as an umbrella or a cover for every individual (Psalm 68: 6; 107: 41). As a result, there are series of attacks from Satan in this end-time against homes. On daily basis he seeks for opportunities […]

Bible Study 2015-02-04

STUDY 04: LIVING HONOURABLY IN A CRUDE WORLD (I) TEXT: I PETER 2: 9 – 12. Introduction Crude and crass behaviour seems to be everywhere these days.  With the standards of the culture sinking dismally lower and lower, it’s all too easy to compare our behaviour to that of society’s norms, rather than to the […]