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HOUSE FELLOWSHIP OUTLINE 12/02/2017 Volume2/Week 2

 HOUSE FELLOWSHIP OUTLINE YEAR OF HIGHER GROUND  TOPIC: THE BLESSED OF THE LORD (II) TEXT:  PSALM 1: 1 – 3.   Introduction. Like a signpost, Psalm 1 points the road to blessedness. The opening word may be read, “Oh, the blessedness!” The Psalm begins with the same message as the Sermon on the Mount, Matt […]

House Fellowship Outline (20/03/2016)

 Volume 3/study 3 TOPIC: TIPS FOR A HEALTHY FAMILY TEXT:   PSALM 128: 1 – 6   Introduction God is the founder of family and has drawn out practicable tips to that ensure family peace. This peace can be observed in the early days of the first family in Eden before the advent of the intruder […]

House Fellowship November 2014

  JESUS IS LIGHT MINISTRIES  (Light Chapel, H/Q) 32-39, Ajayi Bankole Street, Agodo-Egbe, Lagos House Fellowship Outline (09/11/2014)     Volume10/study 1 TOPIC: THE RIGHTEOUS EXPECTATION TEXT:  PROVERBS 11: 23.   Introduction: Expectation is the act of looking forward to desire or an event about to happen. It can also be seen as hoping for […]